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We create technologies that will revolutionize your business.


We help managers understand how AI technologies can affect the company’s business
operations and day-to-day activities.

We help design an appropriate strategy for adopting AI in your organization.


AI software tailored to the needs of your company.

Automatic categorization of advertisements on the Internet

Analytical and predictive system on how to avoid and prevent failures with use of artificial intelligence.

AI and Healthcare

We help infertility clinics use the power of AI in the fight against infertility.


The AI industry may seem like an elusive nanomaterial on the edge of science fiction and childhood dreams, but the results of our work are real and tangible. Learn more about our work.

MIM Solutions created a Machine Learning System supporting short-term prediction of crime and offenses, suggesting to the Polish Police Officers the place and time of a possible event.

The system based on online flight data for predicting and scoring flights foresees possible flight disruptions, classifies their reasons after the occurrence, estimates the claim value related to disrupted flights and proposes the optimal procedures.

A state-of-the-art model of user behavior that predicts for a given user and product the
likelihood that a user will click on that product.

An ML system that automatically detects what product is advertised in an online

Our clients

Our company gathered experts interested in efficient solving of practical algorithmic problems that eventually evolved towards machine learning. We specialize in difficult tasks. We are proficient in delivering effective AI solutions, especially when standard methods have failed.


Founder of MIM Solutions

Research work

We are keen on doing research in the field of developing AI and Deep Learning techniques.

We conduct research in the field of developing artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques.

Trustworthy AI can bring many benefits, such as better healthcare, more efficient production, safer and greener transport.

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Piotr Sankowski at the head of the IDEAS NCBR

Piotr Sankowski, CSO MIM Solutions, became the head of IDEAS NCBR, the first research and development center in Poland operating in the field of artificial intelligence and digital economy. IDEAS NCBR was established in order to increase the research, development and innovation potential in the field of artificial intelligence and


MIM Solutions during ML in PL Conference

We are delighted to inform you that this year MIM Solutions will be presenting two different topics during the upcoming conference ML in PL 2021.  Piotr Wygocki, CEO at MIM Solutions, together with Michał Siennicki, will be presenting a very interesting lecture on “Cell-counting algorithms in human embryo time-lapse monitoring.

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