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AI is heading into the mainstream

AI is heading into the mainstream. No matter where we look – at manufacturing, marketing, or healthcare – solutions based on the #ArtificialIntelligence become more and more ubiquitous and accessible.

What is the future of this trend? How could it unfold in the coming decades? How will individuals and societies feel its effects and reap its benefits?

Soon, we will have the answers. Ula Sankowska, COO of MIM Solutions, will be one of the panelists in the “AI in mainstream” discussion (led by Grzegorz Mazurek from Kozminski University) during the Women in Tech Summit! It’s the biggest celebration of Women in Tech & IT in Poland and one of the most notable tech conferences in Europe. Last year’s edition brought together over 8 300 participants from 103 countries!

▶️ You can still join the event and listen to the panel discussion! You can find all the details at:

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