Case study

An analytical system that performs fully-automated behavioral segmentation of clients in addition to working as a recommender system.


Determining the current and future needs and interests of and customers based on their behavior.

Organization profile

SHOWROOM – part of Copenhagen-based Miinto Group – is the largest Polish online store where you can find clothes and accessories from European boutiques. Over 100 specialists and fashion enthusiasts work in the Warsaw headquarters of SHOWROOM. While local teams are responsible for marketing, 

customer service and communicating with partners of SHOWROOM, global teams create technological and operational solutions for the entire Miinto Group – a leading online fashion platform in Europe and one of Scandinavia’s fastestgrowing e-commerce businesses.


MIM Solutions prepared a large-scale personalization of the website. In particular, it included:

  • user behavioral segmentation for and The MIM team created an analytical system profiling customer behavior based on their actual behavior. We provided an in-depth analysis of customer groups. This segmentation was easily recognized by the Showroom marketing team (i.e., the segments correspond to aptly-named customer groups). This segmentation was later used in personalized correspondence – each user segment received its version of the newsletter. Besides, the results of this analysis were used to build specialized social media marketing campaigns.
  • combining segmentation with our recommendation system: Thanks to this, SHOWROOM could fully personalize all of their marketing activities. The recommendation service is used on their homepage, category page, product page, and in the search engine and newsletter.


+ 10% GMV in newsletters

+ 9% CTR on the website

+ 3% from CR on the website

+ maximum score in Facebook Ads

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