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Traps in sampling negative events

When obtaining information from our clients, we often receive access to data consisting only of positive events, e.g. a list of items purchased by each user or clicked ads. Many machine learning models need not only positive but also negative events to be able to correctly estimate the probability of a positive event. These could be items not bought by a user during his visit in the store (despite having a chance to buy them) or ads that the user saw but did not click on. In some projects, there are so many negative events that processing all of them


Artificial Intelligence for medicine

Thanks to the rapid development and remarkable efficiency of Artificial Intelligence, modern healthcare more and more often uses innovations related to this technology. We’ve recently mentioned our #femtech projects from the infertility treatment area and several other use cases, but what about other notable examples of the use of artificial intelligence in medicine? AI helps doctors to scan blood for harmful bacteria. In Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center healthcare professionals use special, AI-enhanced microscopes and “make them learn” how to identify infections in the blood sample. Their accuracy of predictions reaches 95%! Modern technology is currently indispensable in drug discovery.


AI in legal contracts

There is no such thing as one, universal template for every type of legal contract. These kinds of documents are required in so many institutions and cases that it is impossible to rely on one model paper. Moreover, as tax and insurance law is getting more and more complex, it is increasingly difficult for tax offices or insurance institutions to prepare individual documents for every instance. Thus, in collaboration with Pergamin, a startup specializing in handling eContracts, we developed a tool for automatic semantic analysis of legal contracts. It aims to help Pergamin in the creation of legal contract templates


Our paper presented during ICML 2021

Few weeks ago MIM Solutions team got a cool news that one of our paper was accepted to International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2021). The paper has an interesting story behind which would not happen if we did not keep our minds open. More than a year ago, we were working on a more general solution to a parametric flow problem. Previously only very special cases have been solved efficiently. At first sight this does not seem to have anything in common with decomposable submodular function minimization. However, later on we realized that this was the missing step in


Piotr Sankowski with an interview in RDC radio

Upcoming Thursday (May 27th, 5:00 pm) MIM Solutions CEO Piotr Sankowski will be a guest on the RDC radio. Piotr will take part in the program “Between East and West” hosted by Mr. Jacek Wan. The topic of the conversation will be artificial intelligence, as well as the technological war between the US and China. More details can be found on the RDC radio website.


Avoid and prevent failures in your company

Problems with machines, devices and possible failures can affect the condition of any company. These troubles not only disrupt your workflow but can also have financial and market implications. Therefore, it is essential to predict and monitor any minor issues that could turn into major damage. The good news is that all of this is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As MIM Solutions we created Alert.MIM Platform – predictive and monitoring system for companies. Based on the data on the condition of machines and devices as well as the course of processes, we create models that allow predicting

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