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Piotr Sankowski during Horizon of Innovation

What are the relations between humans and technology? How can businesses benefit from the world dominated by Artificial Intelligence? How to ensure that technology helps not only various companies and industries but the society as a whole? Piotr Sankowski, chairman of IDEAS NCBR Sp. z o.o. and CSO at MIM


Our solutions are used by doctors!

On 1 October, infertility treatment clinic Invicta implemented a new AI tool – the AIOO application, which was co-created by MIM Solutions. AlOO predicts the likely number of mature ova obtainable during the in-vitro process. The solution, which is powered by artificial intelligence, bases its prognosis on the patient’s individual


Work for students at MIM Solutions

Our team took part in the student IT Job Fair at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. All interested parties were able to meet our employees and ask questions about the recruitment process and the start of their adventure with machine learning. At 10.20 am Piotr Wygocki,


We have a Written with Lipstick award nomination

Ula Sankowska, COO MIM Solutions was nominated for the Businesswoman of the Year Success Written with Lipstick award. Ula was nominated in the Startup of the Year category. We are very proud of this nomination and we keep our fingers crossed for Ula! The Businesswoman of the Year Success Written


Now the world knows what we currently work on

Ula Sankowska, COO of MIM Solutions, gave an interview to the startup portal MamStartup. She talks about MIM Solutions’ femtech projects and about where the idea for entering a new market segment came from. In the interview, Ula explains how we develop our products EMBRYOAID and FOLLISCAN and whom they


Adam Dobrakowski in Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Adam Dobrakowski, Data Mining Expert at MIM Solutions, published an article entitled Interpretable segmentation of medical free-text records based on word embeddings in the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems. The article deals with clustering of medical visits based on short notes written by doctors during patient visits. It shows that

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