Case study

Recommendation system for the optimal hormone stimulation protocol.


Creating a recommendation system for the optimal hormonal stimulation protocol based on DNA polymorphisms and relations between specific polymorphisms with other data.


Invicta provides specialist medical services in their infertility clinics located in Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Gdynia, Słupsk, Wrocław and Warsaw. Services provided by Invicta focus on the treatment of fertility disorders and relate to women’s health issues.

The company effectively combines science with business, taking a leading position in the design and application of innovative infertility treatment solutions. Invicta creates both proprietary therapeutic programs and implements modern solutions.


As part of the activities, we plan to create machine learning models that allow us to determine the optimal hormonal stimulation for a given patient. Stimulation aims to produce the maximum number of eggs, while minimizing the risks associated with stimulation. The model will define a personalized therapy and will take into account, among other things, the patient’s clinical data, stimulation history, and genetic testing.

The recommendation will include i.a. type of stimulation: long / short protocol, stimulation with agonist, antagonist, stimulation with progesterone, etc.

We also plan to recommend optimal doses of the drug. Defining the scope of the recommendation is a key part of the project.

Another decisive element of the system will be functionalities which allow building trust in the algorithms’ results which means determining the certainty of the prediction and indicating the key elements on the basis on which the algorithm made a decision.


Project in progress. Planned completion – first half of 2021.

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