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MIM Solutions awarded with NCN grant

I remember that in early spring when COVID pandemic started everyone was fascinated with all the mathematical modeling tools that predict the spread of the virus. It seemed that finally, some math is getting into the mainstream. Now the situation drastically changed – all the tools that were used (at least in Poland) failed to predict the second wave. Aposteriori it is rather clear that these tools are based on flawed assumptions. Most of the prediction tools use mean-field approximation, which makes the cascading process deterministic. In such an approach, uncertainty can only appear as a result of our lack of exact knowledge of the parameters of the process. As we have shown in our papers (HT 2016, WWW 2017), we need to include the stochastic nature of these processes in order to properly model the risk it spreads to a big fraction of the network. Although these results hold for information spread, they demonstrate the need to develop a new modeling framework. The cool news is that our team at MIM Solutions just got information from the National Science Center that we have been awarded a grant to continue this line of research. This is a big thing for us, as for the first time ever, we have applied as a company for a grant to do basic research. #covid19research #modeling

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